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Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa, is currently experiencing immense growth and expansion in recent times. Aside from the city being a developed one, there are other factors that make her more interesting and a great prospect for your next real estate investment. Ibadan today boasts of an array of modern shopping malls springing up in and around the city. Also, the ease of traffic on the major roads within the Ibadan metropolis has been the envy of many neighboring states for decades. Unlike in other states with hellish traffic, Lagos especially, commuters in Ibadan move around the city with relative ease. Without arguments, as against what obtains in Lagos, Ibadan generally boasts of quality standards of living and yet, a relatively low cost of living which is inclusive of lower rents for properties and apartments, cost of amenities and food items, cheap transportation within the city, quality and affordable schools to mention only a few. Oyo State through one of its agencies, Oyo Housing Corporation, has been directly involved in the provision of houses for the residents of the State. The Housing Corporation has under its purview, the provision and management of State-owned real estate within and outside the city of Ibadan some of which include; 6 housing estates within Ibadan and about 7 housing schemes outside Ibadan. However, the capacity of the existing housing schemes in the State is still significantly lower than the housing demand.


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