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Broadly speaking Oyo State, currently ranks 3rd in terms of solid minerals production in Nigeria with a production output worth about $3,8 million per annum. However, the potentials for the solid minerals sector are yet to be fully explored. Current exploitation is focused on largely marble thus leaving significant potential for the exploitation of other available mineral resources within the State. Oyo State has the largest land mass deposit of Marble/Dolomite in Nigeria, and this is found at the Igbeti Marble Deposit Site. The exact quantities are yet to be determined, as this would require detailed pre-exploratory studies to determine the reserve quantities. However, studies have shown that the marble forms an elongate body that stretches for about 120km in the N-S direction and varies in thickness from less than 0.5km in the Igbeti area and the northern part to about 1 km south of Alagutan in meter thickness of the marble body. It is on record to date that some of the world's most impressive gemstones were found in Oyo state. The site of the famous rubellite tourmaline (red-pink) and spessartite garnet finds of the late 1990s was Oyo State. The Ofiki and Saki sites in Oyo State are still producing tourmaline and garnet in a range of colors. Oyo State is naturally endowed with Pyraiba and Emerald and recent explorations have classified Oyo State as a Gold Endowed State. The state is endowed with soil-based resources which include granite chips, red clay, sand, and gravel that have high potential in the construction industry given the increased demands for infrastructure (such as roads, bridges, and housing) and related activities both within the state and in neighboring States. There are assumptions that the granite reserves in Oyo State are up to 2 billion tones


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